Saturday, September 24, 2016

[Style Search]: Week 4 Styling the Mabel

Hi All!

So after a lot more pacing in my room, trying on what felt like everything I owned, and a little more laying on my floor staring at my ceiling, I managed to make 10 outfits that I love!!

I have to say that once you get into it, and you get a little more familiar with all of your clothes, it gets easier :)

In case you're just reading this week all my outfits are being styled with my Mabel skirts from Colette

Here are the outfits that I put together with my blue mabel:

And with my black mabel:

I tried to get a good mix of dressed up and dressed down with both skirts- although my black quilted mabel definitely lends itself to being dressed up more!

So I'm going to walk through these outfits, what I'm wearing and what I think of them! Also- in the interest of promoting my capsule wardrobe- I'm going to keep a count on anything that I wear in multiple outfits with a little count beside them!


This first outfit, from last week, is this short sleeved sweater shirt over a sleeveless white blouse(1)! I think this outfit is pretty comfortable, chic and young. This is a good transitional outfit for some casual business stuff, but also out doing creative stuff, or in my studio :) 


This is a good outfit for the studio- because it's so easy and comfortable! My low-back, navy, Nettie Bodysuit (which is great for keeping me cool in the studio because I'm always warm!) Plus the pop of deep fuchsia in a silky scarf(1), which matches my thick socks in comfy boots(1). I could sew for hours in this!

This for me is definitely young, chic, a little edgy with the boots, maybe a little glamorous because of the low back and absolutely comfortable!


This outfit is great for the warmer fall days (although it would be easy to warm it up by throwing some tall boots on with it!)  This outfit is very simple, the sleeveless white blouse(2), with an oversized denim shirt(1) overtop.

This outfit to me is very fresh, classic, effortless and cool! And of course it's good for walking along the beach with your puppy (especially when you look back on your photos and see that your dog found something to roll in in the background of your photo- make sure you zoom in on that lol)


This outfit is very Fall to me :) I can imagine walking through a park, maybe going to an outdoor festival or having coffee in an outdoor cafe! This cute mustard coloured sleeveless top(1) tucked into the skirt, with the oversized demin shirt(2) tied overtop. With my extra tall brown boots!

To me this outfit is very chic, timeless, classic and youthful, and hits one of my favourite capsule colours for fall, which is mustard :) 


This outfit is a classic to me, a light patterned short sleeve blouse, with this grey holes sweater(1) overtop, my time turner necklace, and the tall boots. Really simple and classic, but with a twist of this sweater that's all holes which makes it a little more youthful and edgy. I can see wearing this to the studio to work, but also I could wear this for a casual business meet-up, or out to coffee with the girls. Even a day of walking through the city shopping.


Now to my black mabel - and I'm loving this skirt! This first outfit to me is the ultimate of classic, timeless, glamorous, simple, and a bit lush. The skirt simply paired with this slightly sheer and lightweight cream coloured blouse, nylons and tall leather boots. A little bit of lipstick :) I love this outfit.


This is a go-to studio outfit/ day out doing cool and creative things. My eyes t-shirt, paired with this faded scarlet jacket, and comfortable short boots.  I feel youthful, edgy, practical and cool in this outfit :)


This outfit is a mix of comfortable, youthful and a little edgy, dressed-down casual, perfect for fall walks, apple picking and drinking apple cider :) With the grey holes sweater(2) the fuchsia scarf(2) and the boots with fuchsia socks(2).


This outfit will be my go-to for any business meetings, or medium dressy events. I think this outfit is simple, classic, chic and timeless, and pretty comfortable too! My sleeveless white blouse(3), simple black cardigan(1), fuchsia scarf(3), and tall black boots. I feel professional enough but also cool enough in this outfit.


This is a bit of a dressier outfit, I would go out to drinks with the girls in this outfit! I think it's a bit fun with my sleevless mustard top(2), simple black cardigan(2), coordinating gold necklace and faux-suede little ankle boots. I would describe this as chic, classic and glamorous. :)

Those are my 10 outfits! I have to say that I'm pretty proud of myself, and I'm a lot happier with my closet now- I feel like I'm getting a handle on what I have in my closet, I know what things go with and how they actually look on me now since I've tried so many combinations on.

For example, I learned that if I'm not tucking a shirt into these skirts, then it needs to be shorter than my widest hip point, and have a curved hem to be more flattering (the grey hole sweater is a bit of an exception to the curved hem rule). I also learned that, in general, I like the proportions of things tucked into a high-waisted skirt more- since I'm tall but have a very long torso, I think it helps to lengthen my legs more.

I feel like there's so much more to learn! But it is getting a little easier already. And I'm looking forward to making more things to add to my wardrobe and putting together more outfits- because as much as I'm really loving these skirts, I still think of myself as a pants person first :)

Which is your favourite outfit?

Do you like the blue or the black mabel better?

Any thoughts on the direction of my style? I feel like I'm doing a better job of hitting some of my style words than others, but overall I think I'm pretty happy. I might need more of my pops of colour in the future though.

Talk to me in the comments!!



Saturday, September 17, 2016

[Style Search] Week 3: First Make

Hi All!

After last week I definitely needed a little time away from my closet, and to recharge in front of my sewing machine, think about everything and process a little more. Firstly thanks so much for all of your amazing comments! You guys are the best! You gave me so much encouragement, great ideas, tips and support! And I promise I'm still going to plough on, even if it's a challenge :)

But this week I wanted to make something that was an easy project, something that I thought would have an immediate big impact on my wardrobe and would go with EVERYTHING. The one from the list that really stood out was a simple knit skirt. So I did a little browsing and I found my perfect simple pattern - the Mabel from Colette.

And it was so easy and fun that I decided to make myself two!

One I made a little more casual out of this light-weight denim-look knit, and the other a little more dressed up out of my black quilted rayon. Both SUPER comfortable, and very versatile.

So I made one outfit for each skirt from my fall wardrobe!

This first outfit includes my new blue skirt. I chose this short-sleeved, hi-lo, sweater top over a simple white sleeveless button up blouse. I have some tights in the colour 'nightshade' on for a little more leg coverage, with my little ankle boots which are super comfy and as high of a heel as I will wear lol. Also for my bit of a pop of colour, I chose this coral coloured necklace I found at a thrift store.

It feel like this outfit is a good balance. For me this is an outfit that I would wear to my studio and I would feel cool about going out to lunch, or if someone stopped in. It would also be fine for sitting at my computer or sewing machine for hours. To me it hits the comfortable, chic, youthful and fresh pretty well.

It was easy enough to wear for a hike around the boardwalk and I think it's pretty body flattering. It has enough visual interest to be cool, but not too much to be quirky or overdone for me. And I think that because I have a blouse on, and this grey/black sweater, it still gives off the professional vibe, with a skirt that's a little on the shorter side to add the 'young' to young-professional.

At this point I'm probably way over-analyzing the outfit, so here is a picture of me hugging Gibby, and let's move on to the next outfit!

This next outfit with my black quilted Mabel, is a little more casual and a little more warm for later in the fall.

For this outfit I have my skirt over opaque black tights, with my lace-up boots that I bought a little big so I could wear my super-thick wooly socks- in my pop of colour deep fuchsia. On the top I have this grey sweater that is like a really thick wooly net- it's all holes, so it's warm but not too warm (I'm a very warm person all the time). I have a black tank top underneath it (which is actually an old pj shirt with a saying on it worn inside out just for this outfit- I really need some tank tops!) And finally I have a scarf that is also deep fuchsia!

This outfit to me is really good because it is very practical and cosy without just being my yoga pants all the time- to me the skirt-and-tights combo is a slightly more stylish thing to wear than another day of black yoga pants. For me this is more on the comfortable, youthful, cool, edgy - because of the boots with thick socks, and the grey sweater that's all holes. It's also a very dressed-down version of this skirt, because I think it has the potential to be very chic and classic if I pair it with different things.

I can see myself going apple picking with my friends in this outfit, or maybe going to a fun little cafe for hot chocolate when it gets cold. I think it would also look cute with hats and mittens and a coat when it gets even colder. I think all the textures make this outfit cool to me :)

And as you can see it was definitely practical enough for me to get up a tree with my puppy :)

So there are my first two outfits. But I had a great idea- for next week instead of adding another new thing to my wardrobe, I'm going to make more outfits with these skirts, to really see where they fit into my wardrobe and see how versatile they can be.

One of my goals with these outfits is to make one that is more dressy to go out somewhere that is maybe a little glamorous for a girls night out, maybe an outfit that is a little more fresh and youthful before it gets too cold and all I want are the coziest things! I would also like to show more the shape of these skirts, because both of these outfits have a lower waist line with longer shirts/sweaters, but the skirts actually come all the way up to my waist- and I think that an outfit that shows off my waist might be more flattering and show my curves a little more.

What do you think? Any suggestions for these outfits or for next week's outfits?

And don't worry, I'm definitely feeling a little more hopeful and maybe slightly less lost this week? Let's hope it holds through my outfit making ahead!

I love hearing from you!



Monday, September 12, 2016

[Style Search] Week 2: The Closet Overhaul

Hi All,

This post is really late. I was planning to go through my wardrobe this week and it would be fairly simple- look through my things, pick out the things that are summer, the things that don't fit me anymore and the things that don't fit my categories- shouldn't take too long right?....

Well I can tell you that I've spent the better part of my weekend in my room pacing from my closet to my bed, with a disproportionate amount of time spent laying on my bedroom floor, staring at my ceiling, wondering just what I've gotten myself into.

So after a weekend of work this is what my closet looks like now:

And before:

Now                                                          Before 

To be honest I'm not completely happy with what I did. I feel like I got really bogged down in it, and had a hard time sticking to my rules. I think my general feeling is that I still have too many clothes, and there are still too many that I don't really love, and that I'm not sure if they really fit in my wardrobe perfectly. I think my main problems were:

1. I feel really confused about how to put good outfits together- so when I was trying to decide what would and wouldn't work I got very lost

2. I was worried that I would get rid of the wrong thing- and not have a chance to see how it worked in my wardrobe, especially once I get more basics to pair everything with.

3. Some things I feel are almost duplicates of other things, but they are also fairly cheap clothes with poor quality fabrics- and I feel like I don't want to get rid of duplicates, I would rather just wait until they both wear out, and then replace them with something higher quality and me-made.

 Generally I fell like I still left too much in for it to be a real and easy capsule wardrobe. But there are a lot of things that I'm going to weed out after the end of the season. This will be a process that is ongoing for a while.

That's not to say that I didn't clear out a whole bunch of stuff (those drawers are almost empty and the shelves in the side of my closet don't have any clothes anymore!).

This is what didn't make the cut:

These were all the clothes that don't fit me- I'm not a size 2 or a size 14 anymore- so these have got to go- there's not point in holding on to them. (For reference I range somewhere between a size 6-10 in most stores)

These are the sad old clothes that are all worn out.

Then these were the clothes that are the right size- but don't fit very well (I'm looking at you black & grey pants!) Or are too preppy for my style (I'm looking at you pink pants and green printed pants). Also colours that I think are a little washed out for me, or styles that I found too fussy, or difficult to wear- or those flats- they're not comfortable at all!

So now is the time that you can all be massive creepers- and see what's in my wardrobe. This might be super boring or super overshare- but some of you may enjoy this if you're anything like me lol.

Pants- I have three pair of jeans; one is a dark wash, non-stretch, straight leg; the other is super low rise, stretch, ripped knee black jeans; last is super old mens levi's ripped and worn jeans (they were my dads). 

Then I have the Alexandria Peg Trousers, and the Hudson Pants - that are a little more difficult to pair because they both have colour and texture/volume. 

Two skirts- both start at the waist, one is black and A-line with black lace, an the other is elasticated waist and poofy  - one is formal and one is less formal.

Dresses- The left two are a little more dress-up for me- mustard and short halter which is super fun and I feel very chic in, and the black which has a cowl neck is nice for going out. The other two are more sweater-style day dresses that you would wear with leggings and boots.

These are sleeveless tops/blouses in fairly neutral colours. Two of them should go with a lot - the other two are a little more busy but they're all good if I wear mid-rise jeans- because that's how long they are on me.

These are my more 'fancy tops' One is super short- so I need to get something higher waisted to wear with it- like I'm hoping to introduce more of in my wardrobe- the other two are more of a regular length- all black :)

These three are my pops of colour (and sequin!) Emerald, Coral, Mustard. The Emerald one is new and I hope it will fill some of the gaps in my wardrobe where I need some colour, the mustard is from my sister and is more boxy, and the coral is one that I wear to death right now.

These are my long-sleeved button ups. The top two are: left- a professional and longer white/blue pin stripe, right - an oversized soft denim shirt to layer.

Next is a more slinky emerald button up, beside a denim with printed white circles button up that is casual, and a fairly sheer button up that I wore loads last fall.

Then jackets. The two on the left are formal- sort of a navy nautical double breasted blazer, and a pink wool jacket, which is chic but doesn't quite pass the comfort test (it's a little tight in the shoulders- but I want to try it out once more before I exile it.

Then on the other side I have a longer light beige super warm jacket, then a leather look light olive jacket (which fairly neutral if not in my colours). A denim jacket that is on trial in my wardrobe, and one of my fav casual jackets that is scarlet.

Then I have some sweaters- A grey zip-up hoodie, a deep fuchsia pull over hoodie, a navy button up knit hoodie, and an oversized grey fair isle sweater (that is pilling something fierce but I can't bring myself to get rid of it)

These are all t-shirts- the ones on the left are heavier sweater-like knit ones, and on the right they are lighter ones. They all have different fits and looks, but it would be way too much to get into it. I think they will all work for the most part- but I'll see what they actually go with. 

Then these are my cardigans- an oversized brown knit sleeveless thing, an oversized long sleeved brown and a tight fitting black cardigan for more evening outfits.

These are lighter sweaters- medium heavy on the top- that are chunky grays, browns and a black lace one. And on the bottom lighter more summer weight sweaters (with my bethioua).

Then some long-sleeve t-shirts, which are fairly neutral, and most of them are a little oversized on me now, so they aren't always the best for layers (and then there's the nettie in with that - which is a bit tricky because of the super low back- but I haven't given up on it)

Then there are some casual t-shirts, some blue stripes and solids on the one side, then black scoop neck and back, grey logo shirt and my eyes white shirt. 

Other than that my closet is just work-out clothes and a couple painting clothes. 

I feel so confused about whether or not this is a lot of clothes. The majority of my friends and family still have closets that are much larger than this- so that's somewhat comforting? To me it still feels like too much, but I feel so confused about where to go from here. How to narrow it to my style without picking the wrong things or just completely starting over. 

Reading over this post and looking through my things, I feel very conflicted- I don't think I'm doing the best job at this capsule wardrobe thing.

There are definitely certain things that I think will end up leaving my wardrobe by the end of the season- some things that I think aren't completely comfortable, that just won't work with enough other things, that are not the right colours, that aren't nice enough quality fabrics, or that just don't feel right. But I feel like I need to give myself a little more time to really get into my style and make sure it's right for me. And I think for me it will help to have some of the clothes in my closet- so they are an option, so if I don't pick them, or if I do and I don't end up liking them- then I can confidently give them away. 

I think this is one of those areas where I have to accept that I really suck at it right now- and it will be difficult right now at the start- but eventually I will find my way. 

But apart from what I already have and am debating over:

There are a few things that I feel are really missing from my wardrobe. And those things are: 

1. A nice pair of comfortable, stretch, mid-rise skinny jeans (because I am a comfort fiend who will only wear stretch jeans for a whole day)

2. White & Black t-shirts and tank tops- if you scroll back through my wardrobe you will see- I actually have no tank tops or simple t-shirts- this is crazy. 

3. A skirt- I would like one that is a soft stretch knit, that is the shape of a pencil skirt, high waisted and mid- thigh that I can wear with tights and boots

4. A nice classic wrap dress maybe out of a knit, with that classic fit and flare shape. 

5. A nice and loose dress like my navy printed tank dress, but in a more fall/neutral colour

Those are the things I would love to wear more- and my next goal will be to hunt down the right fabrics and the patterns for it. 

hmm, I have to say that even after all this hard weekend, I'm still stewing. I'm going to sleep on this for a couple nights and decide if I've really done this first sorting thing enough justice, or if I need to get back in there and be a little more ruthless. *sigh* 

Do you have this hard of a time going through your clothes?

Have you ever done a huge wardrobe haul?

What are the biggest blocks that you have with your wardrobe?

Let me know your thoughts! I appreciate all of your comments and help!!